the big sick - coming Soon

baby driver - advance premiere tuesday june 27th at 7:10 & 9:35pm
                      Tickets now on sale

the beguiled - advanced premiere june 29th at 6:50pm
                      tickets now on sale

despicable me 3 - advance premiere june 29th at 6:00pm
                            tickets now on sale

spider-man: homecoming - advance premiere July 6th at 7:00
                                            Tickets now on sale

dunkirk - coming july 21st

an inconvenient sequel: truth to power - coming august 4th

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - all seats $10.00

Celebrating its 40th Anniversary (Featuring RKO Army)
August 8, September 22, October 13 & November 24  @ 9:00pm  Admission $ 10.00