So after a few weeks of Reserved Seating we have an internal debate as to whether they should become policy and what should be the policy. I encourage all to let us know if the policy works for you or not and write us on our comments email. However do not just say I do not like it. Know that this policy is working all over the USA and in foreign countries so it is not just a policy we have thrown in. Having said that your input will always make things work better.

On another note we will continue to serve local beers and wines supporting local businesses.

Ok this is an exciting time of year for I begin to, think about, see, and book into our cinema movies that will be considered award worthy both for the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. The Venice Film Festival happens followed by Toronto and Toronto is where films really begin to steamroll to the awards. 10 of the last 12 Academy Award Best Pictures have been shown in Toronto.

I am headed to Toronto this week to see some 30 movies in 6 days and next week I will report back on what i see and give you some of my predictions.

But first let me speak of a movie that came out last April that is an unlikely candidate yet is one of the year's 10 best and should be on many critics 10 best lists. That film is John  Favereau's JUNGLE BOOK, the Disney live action movie that in this writer's opinion was visually impeccable with a story that equaled it's visual brilliance.

So what are some of the potentials i will see at Toronto. LA LA LAND has caught a lot of buzz coming out of Venice and is a musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.  BIRTH of a NATION is last year's Audience winner from Sun-dance and will, be in theaters October 7. Cassie Affleck and Michelle,Williams star in MANCHESTER by THE SEA, another film that gained acclaim from Sun-dance and will be reintroduced this Toronto film festival and is schedule for a November 18 release.

BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK based on the book and is AngLee's film ( Life of Pi) will be released this November and without doubt will be considered come award season.

There are many others which i shall mention in next week's blog but i want all of you to begin thinking and researching the upcoming award potential films. This is really a fun time of year for movies, so let us get it rolling. I am off to Toronto and will report back next week.