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Blog # 24

July 20, 2016


Written By Harold L Blank, Cinema co-Owner and Programmer of Film.


Mystic Luxury Cinemas, due to the demand from guests, has initiated a reserved seating policy, where you can select your seats when purchasing an online ticket. As we perfect this system we have had comments from our patrons on how to improve the system…We are using the reserved seating policy in eves and weekends as it is not needed on the weekday matinees. We thank all for their input.


We continue to support local businesses as we serve Jonathon Edwards wine and recently added in BEER’D brews on tap.


As summer winds down and we head to LABOR DAY, we thank all of our patrons for supporting the Mystic Luxury Cinemas during the summer months and thank those who have vacationed here in the Mystic Area. For families in the area we will keep a matinee show of FINDING DORY on hand to enjoy.


On the movie front we will open INDIGNATION this week (8/26), a Phillip Roth adaptation. INDIGNATION is a literate film for adults to appreciate. With period costuming and production design at its best, James Schamus directing debut is a promise of more great films in the future.


HELL OR HIGH WATER continues an exclusive area run and without doubt is ONE OF THE YEARS’ BEST FILMS. The film stars Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine. With a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Joe Morganstern of the WALL STREET JOURNAL says “A film with sort of sweeping grandeur that today's filmmakers rarely aspire to, let alone fulfill…For me this film is a MUST SEE.


We continue with FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS starring one of the era’s greatest actors in Meryl Streep. Streep does not disappoint in her role in this film. WAR DOGS with MILES TELLER And JONAH HILL continues and will play through September 1.


The BOLSHOI BALLET is back; the NATIONAL THEATRE live from London; And we will add in some LIVE operas from Barcelona and Paris.

Information is all on our web site at


MOVIES COMING SOON: Coming this September 2 and starring ALICIA VIKANDER (academy award winner for The Danish Girl) and Michael Fassbender is a poignant drama (THE LOVE BETWEEN OCEANS) about fate, love, ,morality and the length at which one goes to see their dreams realized.  


On September 8 we open at 7PM for an advance premier SULLY starring Tom Hanks. This is the story behind the miracle on the Hudson when a US AIR flight needed to land to prevent a disaster. It is the story of the investigation by the NTB into the accident.


We thank all for their patronage and SEE YOU AT THE MOVIES.