Blog # 29

October 26, 16


Written By Harold L Blank, Cinema co-Owner and Programmer of Film.


NOV 9: One day special screening of the faith based APPARITION HILL, an amazing documentary.


Mystic Luxury Cinema TIDBITS…OUR admission prices are the lowest in CT for  The Bolshoi Ballet, NL Live, and our European  Opera’s live from Paris and Barcelona this year…We have added Morning ENCORES to all the Special Events at lower prices as well. It is an exciting time for us…See these events at the lowest pricing for any cinema in Connecticut.

ALL family films that have THURSDAY EVE ADVANCE premiers will be screened at a special family fun pricing of $7.90 for all seats…

other wonderful pricing opportunitiess are every AM before noon…ALL SEATS ARE $6.00…Everyday including Saturday and Sunday.


We continue to support local businesses as we serve Jonathon Edwards wine and recently added in BEER’D brews on tap.


Please know that we will hold special screenings of movies such as APPARITION HILL, a faith based film that chronicles the pilgrimage of seven individuals…and the findings are amazing.


APPARITION HILL will be a special one evening screening on NOV 9

At 6:45 PM…Every year, thousands journey to a village in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the site of a recurring supernatural event with global implications. When a film crew chose seven strangers to investigate the claims, they captured what might be the best proof of the afterlife ever documented in the history of cinema. Join an atheist, an agnostic, a believer, a skeptic, an addict, a cancer victim, and a man suffering with ALS as they search for answers on Apparition Hill.


AND now to what is happening this November for families. We open TROLLS on November 3 followed by Disney’s MOANA on November 23.


MARVEL’s DOCTOR STRANGE is a sophisticated super hero movie…yes a sophisticated super hero film starring Bendict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange is thrilling in the way a lot of other Marvel movies are. But what makes it unique is that it's also heady in a way most Marvel movies don't dare to be” from Entertainment Weekly…


Doctor Strange is a new breed in Marvel Movies as it is a thnking man smart film…see it November 3 at 7PM.


Coming soon:  MOONLIGHT  11/11, ALLIED 11/23, MOANA 11/23, LOVING  11/23, ROGUE ONE  12/16